Navigating Self Employment: 3 Ways You Can Still Qualify For Group Health Insurance Plans

8 June 2022
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While there are many benefits to being self-employed, there are also some tasks that seem to be a bit more complicated for the self-employed. One of these tasks is obtaining affordable health insurance. The reason for this is that many people rely on the health insurance plans offered by traditional employers in order to get the coverage they need at an affordable price. However, the truth is that you do not need to work for a large company in order to qualify for the group health insurance plans that these companies traditionally offer their employees. Read More 

How Do You Determine What Counts As Wear And Tear?

18 April 2022
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Yacht insurance is an essential tool for protecting yourself financially. Accidents and damage, not to mention complete loss of the yacht, can all impact your financial situation in ways you wish you had never encountered. With insurance, most of these issues can be covered, at least partially. One thing that yacht insurance typically doesn't cover is the usual wear and tear, but it can be difficult to draw a line between wear and tear and actual damage. Read More 

Insuring Your Car? 3 Things You Can Do To Get The Right Car Insurance Policy

15 March 2022
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As a car owner, you should ensure your car is always in perfect condition and properly insured. An uninsured car can be a huge liability to you, particularly when it gets involved in a car accident. For this reason, it's important to spend some money on car insurance to be safe. However, getting the right insurance policy for your car might not always be a straightforward process, whether you are getting it from an agent or online. Read More 

Why Employers Need To Purchase Group Health Insurance For Their Employees

17 February 2022
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Having coverage for your employees can be a great way to protect your business. You should take care of the people who work for you, so it's important that you offer them health insurance. Fortunately, group health insurance is affordable and easy to obtain. Here's why you need this type of coverage. Low Premiums Group health insurance has low premiums because it's shared among many people. The costs for one person are much lower than if they were to purchase insurance themselves. Read More 

Should You Look Into Getting A Mobile Home Insurance Plan?

3 January 2022
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Gone are the days when the phrase "mobile home" conjured images of a trailer. Over the years, the mobile home industry has evolved dramatically and now provides mobile properties in a vast array of sizes and designs. Not only do you have complete control over the construction supplies used in the manufacture of your mobile home, but you also can integrate amenities you want for your family's convenience. However, since mobile homes are not stationary, some people assume that these residences do not need home insurance, which is grossly incorrect. Read More