Shopping For Auto Insurance? Here's What Affects Premium Rates

19 July 2022
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When looking into auto insurance, you need to be aware that the cost varies from provider to provider. Generally, policy providers consider several factors when drafting your premium quote. When you look at it keenly, you will notice that what you do contributes to the final quote while some factors are beyond your control. Here's what affects your premium.

 Your Past Behavior On The Road

When formulating the rates you will pay, providers look at your driving registry for the last couple of years. In doing so, they consider aspects such as road use violations and reckless driving charges. Thus, you will likely pay more if you have ever been on the wrong side of the law because of traffic offenses. On the other hand, the rates are reduced if you have a commendable driving record.

The Number Of Accidents You're Involved In 

The incidents you directly contribute to are one of the factors that determine how much your premium will cost. Consequently, drivers who haven't been at fault in any incidents enjoy better rates than those with a history of the same. Accordingly, you will pay more for your policy if you have been responsible for a car crash and your insurer paid out the damages. Furthermore, you risk being denied coverage if you are responsible for a high number of damages. To counter your past behavior, you can practice safe driving habits to increase your chances of securing better rates.

Automobile Make and Model

The amount you pay your provider also varies depending on the car. For example, if you drive an expensive car, you should be prepared to dig deeper into your pocket to pay a sizeable premium. This is the case because should an incident happen to the car, the insurer will pay a higher sum for the model. Additionally, fast sports cars attract a higher rate because their operators are perceived to drive in a manner that could lead to an incident. Conversely, the rates will likely be lower if your vehicle is equipped with unique features such as multiple airbags and anti-theft devices that lower the level of risk.

Even with the mentioned factors, keep in mind that premium costs vary from firm to firm, and you need to get quotes from several car insurance providers for the same coverage before making your choice. There is a high chance of getting a suitable quote for the same coverage with comprehensive research.

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