3 Lesser-Known Things That Many Homeowners Insurance Policies Cover

18 November 2022
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


If your roof is damaged by hail or if your gutters are torn off in a wind storm, your first call is likely going to be to your insurance provider. This is because most homeowners already know that this type of damage to their home will likely be covered under their homeowners insurance policy. However, there are some other types of coverage that are often included in these policies that many homeowners are not aware of. Below you can learn more about some of these lesser-known things that are often covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. 

Coverage For Items In Transport

Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that their homeowners insurance attaches itself to the location of their home. However, this coverage goes with you when you are on the move. This is because rather than providing coverage for a specific location, the personal property coverage provided by these policies attaches to your belongings. Consequently, these items are still covered even if they are temporarily removed from your home. For instance, if you take your laptop with you and it is stolen out of your vehicle, you can file a claim with your homeowner insurance for this loss even though the item was not in your home at the time it was stolen.

Coverage For Spoiled Food

A prolonged power outage can result in the loss of any food that is kept in your refrigerator or freezer. For many people, this can represent a rather significant financial loss. Thankfully, many homeowners insurance policies provide coverage that will help you to lessen the financial burden of replacing your spoiled food. It is important to note that many policies will limit this coverage to food that spoils as a result of a power outage rather than an appliance failure. Most policies will also have a limit on how much money can be issued to help cover this expense. This means that you may still have some out-of-pocket expenses if you had a lot of food on hand at the time. 

Coverage For Temporary Housing

In the event of major damage to your home, you may be forced to find temporary housing while your home is being repaired. This could mean obtaining a short-term rental or booking a hotel room. If this lodging is required as the result of you being temporarily displaced from your home, your homeowners insurance policy will likely provide you with some coverage for your loading expenses. This type of benefit will also come with a limit per day. Consequently, you will need to choose a lodging option that does not exceed your daily limit if you want to avoid paying for any of these expenses out of your pocket. 

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