DBA Contractors: When You Need To Buy Defense Base Act Insurance

17 November 2021
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A defense base act accident can cost you money, your house, or your life. You need defense base act insurance to provide for you and your family. A DBA insurance broker can help you find an affordable policy that provides the best coverage. Here is the DBA insurance information you need to know to ensure you are covered: What is the DBA (Defense Base Act)? Defense Base Act (DBA) insurance, also called contractor insurance, protects you from damage or injury while on a military installation. Read More 

Insight on the Water Damage Claims Process

8 October 2021
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A burst pipe, a backed-up septic system, rain, or a faulty appliance may contribute to water damage to your home's structure or its contents. Upon filing a claim, an adjuster will need to inspect your residence and make a decision. The following information will outline what types of damage are covered and how to document damage and assess repair and recovery costs.  Proper Upkeep Versus Unforeseen Events Your homeowners' insurance policy may cover sudden or accidental water damage that occurs to your your home's exterior and interior or personal possessions. Read More 

4 Things To Consider When Purchasing Commercial Trucker Insurance

7 September 2021
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The type of truck insurance you need will depend on a number of factors, including the state where you're located, the truck that you drive, and the type of cargo that you carry. Commercial trucker insurance can allow you to get the liability coverage you need to operate a commercial vehicle safely and legally. Here are four things you should consider when purchasing commercial trucker insurance: 1. Do you already have commercial truck insurance? Read More 

4 Main Reasons Why You Should Try Group Health Insurance Today

28 July 2021
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Today, the most reputable and successful firms in the United States provide health coverage to their employees. Currently, about 156,199,800 Americans receive employer-sponsored health insurance. As an employer, you can also offer health coverage to your employees and their families through group health insurance. Why is Group Health Insurance Becoming Increasingly Popular? As you know, healthcare in the US has become progressively expensive and unaffordable for ordinary citizens. Every American is looking for health insurance to cover their medical expenses if they get ill or injured. Read More 

Four Reasons To Get Car Insurance

29 June 2021
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Vehicle accidents occur unexpectedly, and your car may get severely damaged. Hence, you may encounter financial losses due to repair and replacement. Therefore, car insurance is necessary to mitigate unexpected car damage costs. Here are four reasons for buying vehicle insurance. 1. Financial Protection When you get involved in a collision and you're liable, you may have to cater to vehicle repair costs that the other involved parties incur. Additionally, the collision may lead to bodily injuries, and you may have to pay for the treatment costs of the injured people. Read More