Insight on the Water Damage Claims Process

8 October 2021
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


A burst pipe, a backed-up septic system, rain, or a faulty appliance may contribute to water damage to your home's structure or its contents. Upon filing a claim, an adjuster will need to inspect your residence and make a decision. The following information will outline what types of damage are covered and how to document damage and assess repair and recovery costs. 

Proper Upkeep Versus Unforeseen Events

Your homeowners' insurance policy may cover sudden or accidental water damage that occurs to your your home's exterior and interior or personal possessions. Proper upkeep of your home will eliminate any uncertainties concerning whether or not a particular structural material or possession will be covered under your insurance.

For instance, if you have had your roof recently replaced and have had annual roof inspections performed, you will be a likely candidate to receive coverage for damaged or missing roofing materials that are a result of an unforeseen weather-related event.

If materials are not maintained, an insurance claim may be denied. Water damage that is a result of a flood will not be covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy. Flood insurance needs to be purchased separately.

Documenting Damage And Seeking Repair And Recovery Costs 

When water damage occurs, a homeowner needs to mitigate additional damage that may be a result of leaving standing water where it is or failing to turn off a water supply. An insurance claim should be made as soon as possible.

Photographs of damaged items can be used as proof of what you encountered when you first noticed that a water issue was present. Mopping up standing water and avoiding the use of faucets within a residence will prevent additional water accumulation. An insurance adjuster has a specific timeframe in which they must complete an inspection. The timeframe will be reflective of your county's guidelines.

Once an inspection is performed, you will not know immediately if your insurance claim will be approved. The claim could take several more days or weeks to go through. While you are waiting for the insurance adjuster to contact you, research repair and recovery costs.

Food that becomes spoiled from water or structural materials that have been deeply affected by a water issue may require you to pay additional expenses for replacement food and temporary lodging. Your insurance agent will let you know if these incidentals are covered through your insurance policy. Contact services like Anthony Ricciardi Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster for more assistance.