2 Strange Factors Affecting Your Auto Insurance Premiums

12 September 2016
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As a college student, it can be difficult to pay for tuition—let alone normal day-to-day expenses like rent, groceries, and auto insurance. A quick comparison between your auto insurance premium and a few of your friends' and family members' premiums might leave you with even more questions, since insurance carriers use complex demographic data to determine rates and fees. Here are two strange factors that could be affecting your auto insurance premiums and what you can do to lower your monthly bill. Read More 

Find Out If You Can Save On Auto Insurance After Paying Off Your Car Loan

25 May 2016
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Paying off a car loan not only frees up income, as you have one less monthly payment to make, but it also can help you reduce your auto insurance premiums. If you've recently made the last payment on your car loan, here's why you might be able to lower your car insurance premium -- and how to see if you can. Choose Your Own Coverages As long as you have a car loan, the bank owns your car, or at least a portion of it, and, therefore, is able to determine what coverages they want you to have. Read More 

Homeowner’s Insurance Riders: How Large Should Yours Be?

17 December 2015
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While most standard homeowner's policy structures help insure your personal property, your protection levels are limited by the coverage amounts in the policy. Often, these are not nearly large enough to cover the loss of particularly valuable items in your home. With the rate of residential theft sitting at approximately 1 in every 36 homes each year, it's important to protect yourself. A policy rider is how you can do exactly that--it represents additional coverage in the event of personal property loss. Read More 

What You Need To Know If You Are Assigned A Nurse Case Manager For Your Insurance Claim

20 November 2015
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A nurse case manager might be considered a helpful benefit as part of the insurance compensation in an accident claim. However, sometimes having a nurse case manager can seem more like an invasion of privacy into your health and life in general. If you've been in an accident and have been assigned a nurse case manager (or are expecting to), here are a few questions you may have.  What are the roles of a nurse case manager? Read More 

Do You Really Have To Buy Auto Insurance?

18 September 2015
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It is commonly believed that you must purchase auto insurance if you drive a vehicle. In a surprise twist, however, most states only require you to show you have the financial resources available to pay for damages resulting from an accident where you're found liable. While the easiest way to fulfill this requirement is to purchase auto insurance from a reputable company, many states allow residents to prove financial responsibility in other ways. Read More