The Impact Of Your Driving Record On Insurance Premiums

23 June 2023
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Your driving record can make a big impact on how much you pay for insurance. This is a key metric used to assess you as a driver because your driving history is a clear indication of how much of a risk you pose to the insurance company. That's why it helps to know how your driving record impacts your premiums.

Risk Assessment 

Your insurance provider will use many factors to determine your risk level as an individual they are insuring. Unfortunately, people that have previously been in an accident are more at risk of being in an accident again. Even if you were not the driver that is at fault for causing the accident, the statistics the insurance provider uses do not put the odds in your favor. 

Traffic Violations

Know that all your traffic violations and infractions play a role in your overall insurance premiums. Things like getting a ticket for speeding or running through a red light show that you are not following the rules of the road in situations where you did not cause an accident. Reckless driving also plays a role as well, because a police officer stops your vehicle based on erratic behavior. All of these types of traffic violations can lead to higher premiums.

At-Fault Accidents 

You'll see a substantial impact on your auto insurance premiums if you are at fault when it comes to causing an accident. Even if the accident wasn't intentional and you learn from your mistakes, it puts you in that category of being more at risk of causing a future accident. Being more of a risk means that you'll pay more for insurance.

Claims History

You can be a perfect driver and never get a traffic violation or cause an accident, but your claims history will play a role in your insurance premiums. This includes things like using your insurance to fix damage caused to your vehicle or to make a claim for a vehicle that is stolen. If you live in an area that is more prone to vandalism, even though it is out of your control, a claim history to fix the damage is not viewed favorably. 

Driver's License Points

Infractions on your driving record will accumulate as a point system, which is used to quickly identify what kind of driver you are. While points do go away over time, they can be used to make a snap judgment about a driver. Some auto insurance companies may even mandate a higher premium due to having a certain amount of points associated with your license. 

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