2 Benefits Of Bundling Your Auto And Homeowners Insurance Together Into One Policy

3 January 2023
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


Whether you have recently purchased a new home or car or are not happy with your current coverage on either, you may be shopping around for quotes to see if you can save money on better policies. While speaking with various companies, some may have offered to bundle the policies together into one to help save you money on your yearly premiums.

While bundling your auto and homeowners insurance into one policy can help cut down on the cost of premiums, doing so can offer other advantages. Below are a couple of benefits you will find when you decide to purchase your auto and homeowners insurance into one policy.

1. You Will Find It Easier to Track and Manage One Insurance Policy Instead of Two Separate Ones

One benefit that comes with bundling policies is that you will find it easier to keep track of your coverage. When you have separate policies, you have to make sure you keep up with premium payments for both that may fall in different months or at different times of the year, depending on how you are paying the premiums.

You also have to keep track of separate documents and may even have to download different apps to manage your insurance coverage or make claims. However, when bundled, you pay one premium, have one document to keep track of, and one app to manage your coverage for both types of insurance.

2. Your Bundled Policy's Deductible Amount Applies to Both Auto and Homeowners Insurance Claims

Another benefit that you will discover when you decide to bundle your auto and insurance policies is that there is only one deductible for both types of claims. When you purchase the policies separately, you will have different deductible amounts that you need to reach for each one of them before your coverage kicks in.

If you have a bad year where your home is damaged and your car is involved in an accident, you would be responsible for two different deductibles, which will hurt you financially. However, with bundled policies, you only have to cover one deductible before the insurance on both your house and your car kicks in.

When you bundle your insurance into one policy, there are more advantages than saving money on the cost of the premiums for your auto and homeowners insurance. You will also find it easier to keep track of payments and manage the coverage when they are under one policy. You will also only be responsible for one deductible for claims on either type of insurance, helping to save you money on any possible future claims. For more information, speak with an agent with a company that offers both auto and homeowners insurance to see how they can help you.