7 Types of Damage That HO2 Homeowners Insurance Will Cover

23 March 2021
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


Shopping for home insurance? You likely have heard of HO2 coverage, but not sure what it means. Here is what you can expect to be covered when you purchase this kind of policy.

Fire and Lightning

One of the more disastrous reasons that someone may need to use home insurance is because of a fire. If your home were to catch fire due to issues outside of your control (i.e. a kitchen fire, electrical fire, or lightning strike), you would be covered with your home insurance policy. 

Smoke Damage

You may have had a small fire in your home, but the damage can extend throughout the entire home due to the smoke. Soot left behind from smoke is corrosive and can damage furniture and electronic components, which can be quite expensive to repair. In addition, smoke can leave a smell that lasts for a long time if it is not cleaned. That is why smoke damage is covered in addition to fire damage. 

Theft and Vandalism

If you are the unfortunate victim of theft or vandalism, know that your home insurance policy will have you covered. There will be costs associated with the breaking and entering of your home, as well as personal property that has gone missing. You will be reimbursed for these items once you pay your deductible since insurance will cover the rest. 

Windstorm and Hail

A strong storm may come through your part of town and cause a lot of damage to your home. Hail has the potential to ruin the existing shingles on your roof, and wind can rip roofing material right off the roof's surface. These are two great examples of how you will have coverage from wind and hail. 

Damage Caused From Vehicles

Ever wondered what would happen if someone drove into your home? That damage would actually be covered by your home insurance policy. Since this can create quite a bit of damage to the structure of your home, the repairs can be quite extensive and require insurance to help pay for them. 

Damage From Ice and Snow

If you're hit by a big snowstorm and you have an excessive amount of snow on your roof, know that home insurance will have you covered if the roof were to collapse. You'll also have coverage from the damage caused by ice that forms on your roof and causes damage. 

Pipe Bursts

If a water pipe were to burst in your home and cause water to go everywhere, you will have coverage from the insurance company. However, don't confuse this with flood insurance, which is damage not covered without a separate policy. Flood damage is when water enters your home from the outside from a nearby lake, river, or rain water.