Got Problems With Your Insurance Company? How To File Hassle-Free Claims

21 June 2019
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


Some insurance companies will say no to every claim you ever file. Granted, it is their job to say no. That is how they make millions of dollars every year from collecting monthly premiums and not paying out on claims. However, it is incredibly frustrating to customers because they buy the insurance expecting that some things will be covered, only to find that their insurance companies are refusing to pay based on technicalities and the insurance companies' own interpretations of the situation as it applies to their policies. If your insurance company has given you a headache in the past about claims and you want to make sure your claim goes through this time, here is how to file a hassle-free claim. 

Have Your Own Damage Inspector Assess the Damage

Insurance companies will always tell you not to bother with hiring a damage inspector because they are "sending one to you." Keep in mind that the one they are sending to you often works for them. This inspector is not there for you or on your behalf. He or she is there to write up a report that the insurance company can interpret as they choose and in a way that may not favor or work out for you, the customer. If you want a very fair and equal chance at making your claim pass, hire your own damage inspector to assess the damage and give you a copy of his or her report. 

Get Estimates from Five Contractors

Next, get estimates from five contractors or five mechanics. An insurance company may shoot down every estimate you give them, but it helps to see the options across the board from least to most. You will need copies of these estimates for the next step in the process. 

Hire a Public Adjuster

It may seem like you are hiring a lot of different people just to get your insurance company to pay up, but ultimately, it will be worth it. Your final step towards a hassle-free claim process is hiring a public adjuster. These folks work for you, not the insurance companies. A public adjuster writes up your claim in language the insurance company understands, cannot argue with and may not be able to refuse. As such, the majority of claims filed on consumers' behalves are paid out because the insurance companies cannot misinterpret the public adjuster's words, wording, or evidence that proves that your claim is valid. 

For more information, contact a public adjuster.