Home Inventories For Homeowner's Insurance Purposes

20 March 2019
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


Creating a home inventory is something many people do not do, simply because they do not realize it is important or because they never even think to do it, but this is an important thing to do. If you own a home, have homeowner's insurance, and own things, you should create a home inventory, and here are a few things to know about creating this type of list.

The purpose of a home inventory

If you ever had to go through having a fire in your home, or some other major type of disaster, your insurance company will ask you to create a list of everything you owned that was damaged or lost from the event. If you have a home inventory list, this task would be simple; however, if you did not have a list, you would have to start from scratch and would have to base your list on your memory. The amount of time this would take would be incredibly large, and there would be a high chance that you would forget to add things or fail to have proof that you owned them. This is why you need a home inventory list.

The top things to include on the home inventory list

While you do not have to add every little item you own, you should include any items you have of value, as well as approximate amounts of certain types of items. The main things you should begin with are furniture items, electronics, and valuable items. As you create your list, the top things to add to it include the description of the items, the date in which you purchased them, the cost for the items, and the receipts from the purchases.

Ways to make a home inventory

There are a lot of ways to make a home inventory list, but a good method is by creating a spreadsheet that contains a list of the items, scanned receipts, and pictures. You can do this by taking pictures with your phone, and you can save the list on your email account so that you can access it even if you lose everything from your home.

If you have a home inventory list and ever experience a fire in your home, you will be so glad you had this list, as it will simplify the claim's process. To learn more about home inventories or protecting the things you own, talk to a homeowner's insurance agent today.