3 Reasons To Sign Your Teen Up For Driver's Education

23 January 2018
 Categories: Insurance, Blog


Most teens start getting very excited to get their driver's license when they are around the age of 16. Parents can also feel excited about this, but many parents also get nervous too. If you feel nervous about your teen driving, you might feel better if you sign your teen up for driver's education. Here are three great reasons you should enroll your teen in driver's education before he or she gets a driver's license.

Your teen will gain experience on the road

One reason parents worry about their teens driving is due to the lack of experience they have. Driving is not a terribly difficult task, but staying safe on the roads can be hard to do. In driver's ed, teens will get the chance to get behind the wheel of a car and drive with an instructor. The instructor is there to teach the kids how to drive and to ensure that they stay safe while they are driving. This experience is exactly what kids need to learn how to drive.

The courses require in-class work

The second reason to use driver's ed is to help your teen learn how to drive by completing in-class work. While some companies require that students come to a classroom to learn, others offer online work. In both cases, kids learn about driving safety and they learn about the rules of driving. They will have to read lessons and take tests, and this will help increase their knowledge of the roads, rules, and driving. By requiring this, your teen will have a better understanding of the rules of the roads before he or she gets a driver's license.

You will save money on car insurance

A lot of parents also sign their kids up for driver's ed so they can save money on car insurance. Teen car insurance is one of the costliest types of car insurance you can purchase, so finding ways to save money on it might be important to you. Most insurance companies offer discounts to teen drivers who successfully complete a driver's education course, and you can contact an insurance company to find out how much this discount is.

If you have questions about driver's education or teen car insurance, contact an insurance agency such as Allstar Insurance. An agent can tell you about other ways you can save money when insuring your teenager, and you can ask the agent any questions that you might have.