Working With An Insurance Adjuster

15 November 2017
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If you have been involved in an accident, then you will probably want to seek financial compensation for damages that occurred as a result of the accident. Filing a claim is the first step in this restitution process, so it's important that you know how to deal with the steps that will occur after your claim is filed. Your claim will likely be assigned to an adjuster who will attempt to settle your case quickly and efficiently. Read More 

5 Signs You Need Umbrella Coverage

10 October 2017
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Umbrella insurance refers to a policy that goes above and beyond most other insurance policies. In particular, these policies protect you from liability claims in a number of different situations. Wondering if you need umbrella insurance? Here are five signs that you do: 1. You Frequently Worry About Liability Issues Are you worried that you might get sued for something? Does that concern keep you up at night? Do you want extra protection for your assets? Read More 

Three Factors That Should Determine Whether To Buy Insurance Coverage Online

28 July 2017
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Although it's convenient to receive insurance quotes and even purchase coverage online, it isn't suitable for all persons for all circumstances. There are times when it is best to deal with a "live" insurance agent. Use these three factors to determine whether you should go virtual or physical in your quest for insurance coverage: The Level of Complication of Your Insurance Needs Online insurance purchase is only suitable for those who have straightforward needs. Read More 

Home Insurance Advice For Those Constructing Their Homes

23 June 2017
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While most people buy ready houses, others are more content with constructing their house from scratch. The insurance needed for a house under construction is much different from that needed for an existing house. Here are some useful insurance tips to keep in mind if you are constructing a house: Confirm Insurability before Commencing Construction Don't start building and then look for insurance; instead, you should look for insurance before the construction starts. Read More 

Five Reasons Your Home May Fail A Home Insurance Inspection

3 March 2017
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You've found the perfect homeowner's insurance and even paid for the first month. Now what? It may surprise you to know that your insurance policy could still be cancelled. After the initiation of a new policy, most insurance companies will conduct an inspection. If your property fails that inspection, your request for a new insurance policy could be denied. Here are a few things that could cause you to fail your home insurance inspection. Read More