2 Ways To Pick The Right Car Insurance Policy

29 September 2022
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Buying your first car is a big deal. It doesn't matter if you are 16 or 61 when you do it; it is a significant accomplishment in your life. When you get your car, you must make sure you have car insurance. Car insurance protects you if you are in an accident because it can pay for the damage to your vehicle and any medical costs. There are a lot of insurance companies that offer automobile insurance. Read More 

What Is Car Collision Insurance?

26 August 2022
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Most states require full coverage insurance when you are leasing or making payments on your car. When you pay off or buy the car, your insurance options may change. You can now go to your car insurance company and determine if you want changes made to lower your monthly premium. A confusing option for many people is collision insurance. If you do not understand this coverage, what it includes, or why you need it here are some explanations. Read More 

Shopping For Auto Insurance? Here’s What Affects Premium Rates

19 July 2022
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When looking into auto insurance, you need to be aware that the cost varies from provider to provider. Generally, policy providers consider several factors when drafting your premium quote. When you look at it keenly, you will notice that what you do contributes to the final quote while some factors are beyond your control. Here's what affects your premium.  Your Past Behavior On The Road When formulating the rates you will pay, providers look at your driving registry for the last couple of years. Read More 

Navigating Self Employment: 3 Ways You Can Still Qualify For Group Health Insurance Plans

8 June 2022
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While there are many benefits to being self-employed, there are also some tasks that seem to be a bit more complicated for the self-employed. One of these tasks is obtaining affordable health insurance. The reason for this is that many people rely on the health insurance plans offered by traditional employers in order to get the coverage they need at an affordable price. However, the truth is that you do not need to work for a large company in order to qualify for the group health insurance plans that these companies traditionally offer their employees. Read More 

How Do You Determine What Counts As Wear And Tear?

18 April 2022
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Yacht insurance is an essential tool for protecting yourself financially. Accidents and damage, not to mention complete loss of the yacht, can all impact your financial situation in ways you wish you had never encountered. With insurance, most of these issues can be covered, at least partially. One thing that yacht insurance typically doesn't cover is the usual wear and tear, but it can be difficult to draw a line between wear and tear and actual damage. Read More