Hail Damage And Insurance

15 May 2019
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Hail damage is covered by most car and home insurance policies. However, the ways the coverage is applied can vary greatly depending on the region in which you live and the way your car and/or home insurance policy is set up. If your home or car suffer hail damage, then you'll want to make sure you start a claim right away with your insurance carrier. Here are some of the other things that you will want to know about hail damage and insurance.

Homeowner's insurance can help with hail damage repairs

If your home suffers hail damage to the structure, roof, windows, or other areas, then your insurance will generally pick up the bill for repairs caused by the hail or another storm-related incident. Also, if trees or other debris are involved in the damage, then your insurance may also pay up to a certain amount for the removal of the debris. Depending on your policy, there may be a deductible, but once you pay that out, then your insurance will cover the rest up to the amount specified in the policy.

Car insurance can help with hail damage repairs

Just as your home is susceptible to hail damage, your car is too. If your car is damaged by hail, then you want to contact your car insurance carrier right away to begin a claim for the repairs. With some policies, there will be a deductible for a broken windshield, but once you meet it, then the insurance will cover the rest up to your limit.

Protect your home from hail damage

While there isn't much that you can do to protect most of your home from storm damage, including hail damage, there are some things you can do. You can be proactive by putting storm shutters on your windows to protect them from breakage. You can also have threatening tree branches removed before a storm can knock them down, creating serious damage.

Protect your car from hail damage

To protect your car from hail damage when you are driving, pull over and get it under some type of cover as soon as it starts to hail. If you know a storm is on the way, then you want to store the car in the garage or under your carport if possible. If you can't, then you can help decrease the amount of damage by securing thick blankets to the car.

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